Our Goals

1. To achieve and strive for social, cultural, educational and agricultural development for the progress of the people in the State of Maharashtra. To erect gymnasium, swimming pools, theater for technical films:

Auditorium for indoor-outdoor games, to develop grounds for Indian and foreign games. Entertainment Centers, technical Library, information Technology center, Communication Centers etc. for the people and young generation in State of Maharashtra

2. To give expertise services for the betterment of society not on profit motive basis and to assist in organizations and help the institutions such as Dairy, Farming Societies, Collective and other Lift Irrigation schemes, Poultry, soil and Plant Research Laboratory which are conducive to the general up-lift of the people in the State of Maharashtra.

3. To organize and conduct courses of studies in respect of modern agricultural developments,to organize seminars and publish pamphlets, magazines and periodicals for the same.

4. To start and run educational institutions.

5. To acquire and hold both movable and immovable property to achieve the objects of the Society.

6. To erect suitable buildings and structures and maintain them for the objects of the society.

7. To encourage and guide small-scale industries in the area of operation.

8. To do all other acts which the Society deems fit for the attainment of the objects of the Society.